Bring a smile to your seniors

Become a carer!

1. Help a family

1. Help a family

Browse our job board to find a family near you that needs your assistance. Contact them by message or give them a call.

2. Set your own hours

2. Set your own hours

Create a profile, set your schedule and let families know when you are available to work.

3. Earn money!

3. Earn money!

Set your own hourly rate and get paid weekly. Your wages will be directly transferred to your bank account!

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Yoopies allows you to find a job in one click to help the elderly in their daily lives.

  • Find a home care job in a click!

    Find a home care job in a click!

    Are you looking for a companion job during the daily tasks of an elderly? Yoopies lets you to get in touch with families looking for a carer. It's up to you to talk directly to the families about which tasks are going to be demanded: to grocery shopping, to help in the bathroom. You can also have the role of a companion anytime during the week in case the family can't stay too much or live far away.

  • Get in touch directly with the people looking for a home care help.

    Get in touch directly with the people looking for a home care help.

    To create a home care profile on Yoopies, nothing more simple. Simply enter your location (street address, ZIP code or city), create an ad (enter your motivations) and fill out the availability calendar. Interested families can contact you by phone or message.
    You can contact employers directly by message. They will receive an email notifying them that a message is waiting to be answered on Yoopies. Registration is free and we do not receive any commission.

  • Freely negotiate your salary.

    Freely negotiate your salary.

    Less paperwork than in a nursing center or a home care company Yoopies allows you to easily manage your personal support profile.
    If you have found a job for a certain period, you can specify in your profile you're no longer available. Available again? Simply reactivate your account and contact the families directly.